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Does Your Florida Business Require Workers’ Comp?
In Florida if your business is not in the construction industry and you have four or more regular employees you are required by law to have workers&rs
Electronic Signature Practices Under Turkish Law
With the technology developing gradually, it is becoming of great importance to be able to sign various documents and agreements electronically, and a
Registration of Companies in Albania
In this article, we provide an overview of the registration process with the Albanian National Business Center (NBC) for new companies and branches or
Business Conversion in Texas
What is Conversion? Section 1.
How to Review a Contract Like a Lawyer
What is the first thing you do when someone hands you a contract?
Risks and Liabilities for Employee Misclassification in California
What are the risks and financial liabilities for employee misclassification in California?
Breach of Fiduciary Duty in California
One of the most common legal issues facing California shareholders, members, executives and employees alike is the breach of fiduciary duty.
Shareholders Agreement: A Bangladeshi Perspective
This Article discusses various provisions of the Shareholders Agreement which is essential for regulating the affairs between the shareholders conside
Auditor Liability in India
In a recent ruling, India’s Supreme Court has held that an enquiry or proceeding against an auditor of a company under Section 140(5) of the Com
China Issues Draft Industry Association Guidelines
On On 15 May 2023, China's State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) announced that it had issued draft guidelines (available on its website fo
8 Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask
The best way to save on legal bills is to avoid problems in the first place.
Termination Entitlements in Canada: Factors Courts Consider
Termination can leave individuals feeling uneasy and financially vulnerable.
LLC Bank Account: A Partner Committing Fraud
Suppose someone connected to a limited liability company is engaging in fraudulent activity.
How to Defend a FLSA Overtime or Florida Wage Claim
Recent changes in the law make it more likely that your business will receive a letter from an attorney demanding money for a former employee claiming
How Your Business Can Avoid Legal Problems
The best way to avoid legal problems that can plague a business and drain its resources is prior planning.