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Investor or Business Investment Dispute in California
Are you an investor in a small to mid-sized business? Are you involved in an investor or business investment dispute in Southern California?
Singapore: Employees or Independent Contractors?
According to a recent study, 65% of employers are disguising their employees as independent contractors. This is both dangerous and unethical.
Albanian Competition Law Overview
In Albania, the competition protection system is governed by law no. 9121, known as “On the Protection of Competition” (Competition Law).
Your Rights as a California Shareholder
What are your rights as a California shareholder?
Limited Liability Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Limited Liability Company: A company established by one or more natural or legal persons, its liability shall be independent of the financial liabilit
Lawful Employment Termination in Israel
Employers must be diligent about complying with Israeli labor law and case law when dismissing employees, even during layoffs and reorganization proce
The Legal Strategy - Misappropriation of Trade Secrets in California
What is the legal strategy surrounding the misappropriation of trade secrets in California?
What Is a General Counsel and Why Is One Important for California Companies?
Every company in California should have three experienced external business relationships: a business attorney, a CPA/Tax Expert, and a banker or fina
3 Benefits of Having a Shareholders Agreement
Every Founder who starts a business does so to make a profit and be their own boss.
Buy-Sell Agreements : The Essentials
Many SMEs don’t have a retirement plan. A Buy-Sell Agreement ensures a smooth transition and protects owner and business interests.
Guide to Executive Reputation Management
Reputation management for executives is more and more necessary in today’s online world.
Non-Profit Companies
A company that takes the form of a shareholding company and does not have the right to take any other form and the profits generated from exercising i
Arbitration According to Law vs According to Justice
The arbitrator (or arbitration panel) may issue a judgment according to law that is based solely on applicable laws, or according to justice, that is
501 C(3) and 501 C(4) Non-Profit Organizations - What Are the Differences?
Nonprofit organizations under 501C(3) are for charitable purposes and are tax-exempt based on this Section of the Internal Revenue Service Code.
C Corporation 101 – Everything You Need to Know
C corporations - or simply, corporations - typically refer to big businesses.