A California Business Needs a Lawyer as a Trusted Advisor

A California Business Needs a Lawyer as a Trusted Advisor

Every California business should have three valuable external business partners: a CPA/tax advisor, a banker or source of financial advice and support, and an experienced business lawyer. Your California business lawyer should be one of the most trusted members of your business team.

Those who perform at the highest levels, such as Olympic and professional athletes, need a coach. Why is this so? They obviously have a substantial amount of natural gifting and skill. A strong coach should have extensive experience in the task at hand and a thorough knowledge of all associated rules, performance strategies, training, support, and personal management skills needed to sharpen the skills of the athlete and help them to reach even greater heights and accomplishments. The same is true for any business owner.

The reality is well documented by government and collegiate studies alike: the vast majority of businesses fail in the first five years. This is why your California business lawyer should be one of the most trusted members of your team. Look for an attorney with genuine and extensive experience in all aspects of business across several decades. Look for a business attorney who has extensive experience not only forming companies but managing contracts and guiding employers while resolving internal and external business disputes.

Your California business lawyer should obviously be able to form business and corporate entities and help you during corporate governance and compliance and any future mergers, acquisitions, asset purchases, joint ventures, or stock purchase acquisitions. 

These are major moments in the life of any business

However, the root of all business is the success of a company’s transactions. Business, at its heart, is all about transactions. Transactions encompass relationships between your company and it’s investors, suppliers, customers, and employees. The core element of a business transaction is the contract that governs it. Strong business contracts should anticipate everything which might arise and provide a solid road map to guide the parties through the process of the transaction to a successful conclusion.

If you are in business in California, especially if you are an employer, it’s not a matter of “IF” you will become involved in a dispute, but “WHEN.” The ability to quickly and efficiently resolve business disputes is another important quality to seek in your California business lawyer. What is their track record in successfully resolving disputes between businesses as well as between a business and its employees? Look for a proven track record of success at trial. While the vast majority of business disputes never reach a Court, a firm with proven trial experience and successful verdicts is a powerful ally in a business dispute. Opposing parties and counsel recognize the legal power behind your company, and this makes it much easier to resolve disputes and/or reach a settlement. Look for attorneys with experience in resolving disputes through negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and at trial.

Why should your California business lawyer be one of the most trusted members of your team? Business is a monumental challenge, and the odds are stacked against you. Is your company the one in five who will survive? If you survive, will you thrive? The difference between a competitor and a champion includes great coaching. The experience, proven strategies, and sound advice and counsel of someone who has been there and who can help you to get there too. A proven warrior who can help to form and grow your company, help you to manage every aspect of successful business transactions as well as the challenges of being a California employer, and a partner who quickly and efficiently resolves any dispute which might arise. One of the most trusted members of your team.

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