Finding an Attorney for Shareholder Disputes in California

Finding an Attorney for Shareholder Disputes in California

Are you searching to find the right attorney for a shareholder dispute in California? What should you look for in a dispute resolution attorney? What are your goals and objectives for the dispute?

Are you concerned about the actions of another shareholder, majority stakeholder, executive or board member? Are you concerned about the direction of the company itself?

California provides specific protections for shareholders in addition to federal law and the commercial code. The unfair treatment of a minority shareholder is one of the most common issues associated with business litigation in Southern California. These disputes are principally focused on money at their core, but can extend to much more complex business and legal issues.

Some of the most common types of a shareholder dispute include issues associated with unfair business practices, deception or fraud, a breach of fiduciary duty, self-dealing, failure to disclose and/or limitation of access to important corporate records or the books as well as schemes designed to devalue and weaken the shareholders’ interest in the corporation.

Look for a California shareholder dispute attorney with decades of experience and a proven, successful track record in shareholder disputes and lawsuits. These actions are quite often legally and financially complicated and you need sound advice and counsel from a seasoned attorney who knows all of the corporate games which can be played and the strategies to defeat them.

Most shareholder disputes and lawsuits should be able to be resolved through effective negotiation. Once a lawsuit has been filed the case will usually proceed to mediation prior to arbitration or a trial. Look for a skilled trial attorney who can manage your case at every step in the process. The presence of a proven trial attorney adds substantial strength to your position in a dispute. Opposing parties and their counsel are much less likely to play games or attempt unethical or outright illegal actions when they know you are represented by a competent, experienced and proven trial attorney. 

In some cases, the dispute is between individual shareholders, or members of the executive team or board of directors. In other cases a shareholder may be genuinely concerned about the best interests of the corporation itself. In these cases a derivative action can be brought on behalf of the corporation against majority shareholders and corporate management. All proceeds and outcomes associated with a derivative action benefit the company itself, as opposed to the shareholder(s) who brought the derivative action.

Finding the right attorney for a shareholder dispute in California may seem a bit daunting. Look for a proven track record of experience and success across decades. Look for a legal partner who understands the importance of resolving your shareholder dispute in a timely and efficient manner, but who is prepared to represent you in any legal forum necessary to accomplish your goals and objectives.

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