Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer for Your Florida Business

Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer for Your Florida Business

You do not need to hire a business lawyer near you if your company and the business law attorney use technology that will allow for timely and efficient communications between the two of you. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, technology that allowed businesses to operate remotely dramatically improved and substantially increased.

The practice of law has embraced those technologies making it easier for business lawyers to provide cost-effective and efficient services to their business clients. So a key question to ask a business lawyer you are considering hiring or retaining is whether that law firm or lawyer has embraced these technologies and can be responsive to and keep up with your business.

You do not need to hire a business lawyer near you

One of the most common questions business people pose in searching for a business or contract lawyer is do I need to hire one near me. With giant strides in technology in the past few years the answer now is a resounding no. You do not need a business law firm or business lawyer that is physically located close to you or near to your business.

Technology affords your business the opportunity to use the best business lawyer for your situation regardless of where in the State of Florida that lawyer or business law firm is located. In the past you could always communicate with your business attorney by phone but now you can more easily do so by video. Also in the past one drawback to not hiring a business or contract lawyer near you was that the person may have to travel to a courthouse near you for every hearing in a lawsuit. But as a consequence of the pandemic courts in Florida have largely embraced video technology for hearings and even some trials allowing your business lawyer to be anywhere and to appear in your local court. I have handled business law and real estate disputes in courts, arbitration, and mediation all across the State of Florida without even leaving my office which significantly reduces attorney travel costs that are normally not recoverable in a lawsuit. That makes the business law service the client buys much more cost effective.

While you may believe that you will feel more comfortable meeting your attorney at their business law firm near you, the time has come to leverage technology in your business to increase efficiency and reduce those expenses. You can easily achieve this goal by sourcing the best business lawyer for your company wherever in Florida that person may be located and connecting and communicating through technology.

A business lawyer must move at the speed of your business

When I was a very young attorney I had a case against an older and very experienced attorney. He claimed that his client did not have to pay my client back on a promissory note because of a certain case precedent. Unfortunately for him the case on which he built his entire defense had been overruled and was no longer good law and in just a few seconds using electronic research I was able to find that out. That other attorney was still looking cases up the old way in books and was unfamiliar with and unaccustomed to electronic research. As a consequence of not embracing and using the new technology he was unaware of the change in the law.

When I informed him that the case on which he was relying was no longer good law he confessed that he did not know how to perform electronic research and surprisingly did not even use e-mail. The attorney was then forced to concede the case. The lesson is that because that attorney refused to adopt and use new technology he did not provide a quality service for his client who paid the price for his refusal to adapt.

What technology can I use with my business lawyer

Technology available to attorneys is the same as any other business. Business lawyers can conduct video consultations with Zoom or Skype or similar video platforms. They can also communicate efficiently by e-mail and use electronic discovery software to collect, sort, and produce documents in lawsuits without ever touching a paper document. That process is known a electronic discovery or e-Discovery.

My experience with that older attorney described above stuck with me. It forces me to stay on the cutting edge of technology. By so doing I provide a cost-effective service to businesses and business people and keep pace with the speed of their business. Your business lawyer should be moving at the speed of your business. If they are not, then you should suggest that they adapt to the situation or consider retaining a new business lawyer.

Is my business too small to hire an attorney?

Absolutely not. Even small businesses of one or two or three partners can greatly benefit from the guidance and counsel that an experienced and results-driven attorney brings to the business. Oftentimes the money saved by avoiding consulting with an experienced business attorney is later subsumed by a dispute or litigation. The saying penny wise and pound foolish appropriately applies.

While it is true that attorneys cost money it is the expertise for which you are paying and by which your business be it large or small will benefit. Your business generates a profit by selling goods or services. Similarly lawyers and law firms sell their time and expertise. So you should not think that lawyers are too expensive for your business or that your business is too small to benefit from legal advice. On the contrary to grow and expand your business the relatively small amount spent in its early growth stages will yield greater returns for you later.

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